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Electrolysis -   Permanent Hair Removal for Men and Women

We understand that you want all of your unwanted hair gone for good.  For some people, laser hair removal alone will not get the results you want.  The advantage to electrolysis over using lasers is that electrolysis can remove blonde, white, and gray hairs, something that laser treatments cannot do.   Many men and women have either blonde body hair, or have lighter hairs mixed in with darker hair.  Laser hair removal only works on pigmentation in hair, in other words hair with some color.  Electrolysis is the only permanent removal treatment available for hairs with little or no color.

The removal of hair with electric current is called electrolysis. Electrolysis is a permanent effective solution for the removal of unwanted hair.  It involves inserting a small probe (needle), which is the same size as the hair, down along-side the hair itself.  The probe goes into the opening of the skin that the hair grows out of.  Many women also use electrolysis for facial hair.  Hair is as sensitive to discuss as it is to pull out.  Women are convinced they are not supposed to have facial hair, and an estimated 41 million American women say they have unwanted facial hair.

MyGentleLase has received many clients who have left other laser treatment programs unsatisfied with the results.  Some of this unhappiness is because the client was sold a laser hair removal treatment when in reality they could only be treated with electrolysis.  Many hair and skin treatment offices never educate their clients about hair removal.  At MyGentleLase, you will receive a mandatory, but no-cost, initial consultation prior to your purchase of any hair or skin treatment program.   Soraya has over 15 years experience in treating hair and skin, including hair removal through electrolysis, and she will explain to you what will and what will not work for your specific hair and skin type. 

MyGentleLase conforms to the highest sterilization standards available for modern equipment.  Clients must purchase their own needles for electrolysis, and may choose from either individualized or disposable needles.


Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Vienna Virginia offers one of the Best Laser Treatment Centers in the country - MyGentleLase, LLC

Laser Body Hair Removal of Vienna Virginia otherwise known as skin electrolysis can be very a very intimidating procedure, but one company offers a great skin therapy experience. MyGentleLase Laser Skin Treatments of Vienna Virginia has many years of experience in laser skin treatments , hair removal, skin treatments we are safe, effective and affordable at permanent hair removal. If you are desiring to use laser skin treatments to effectively deal with wrinkles, laser freckle removal, laser skin tightening, laser facial hair removal, laser pubic hair removal or any other cosmetic laser procedure, MyGentleLase of Vienna Virginia has the experience and latest technology to keep you coming back. Some laser skin therapy treatments require treatment plans that consist of repetitive and consistent treatments to be effective. So please call MyGentleLase Vienna Virginia Laser Skin Treatments and talk to our experienced staff and schedule a free consultation - 703-899-5792

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